The Bio Thread.

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The Bio Thread.

Post  Stryfer on Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:02 pm

Well time for me to stop being lazy and actually do this x_x

Me, Luc and Eri were planning on starting a very massive RP (It could span a loooooooot of posts Very Happy). So if you wanna join, go ahead and ask! We're most likely not gonna say no. That being said, there's actually a point to this thread.

This thread is here for you to post your character's description and some kind of background information, that way it won't be a total stranger when it jumps into a story

There's not a lot of limitations, we just ask that your character follow some.
Don't be God. (Being able to kill everyone at anytime without any resistance whatsoever, or being perfectly immortal, with nothing being able to happen to them)

No Copying other's unique backstories: The famous thief king did not have a twin brother that he never knew about that was away leading some other thief kingdom.


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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Shamrock on Sun Nov 18, 2012 10:40 pm

If I am welcome to join you better believe I'm in.

(may need to be altered a bit, but here goes)

Name: Shamrock aka Sham, Shammy
Gender: Female

Appearance: Sham is rather a rather short person, but she has come to terms with her height and the fast that she won't grow any taller. She has lang bluish black hair that goes to her mid back, she normally has half of it up in two pig tails. She has silvery gray eyes and are normally round and curious. She likes to wear cute things, ribbons, bows, cute hats. She tends to get picked on a lot because she is so cute or for her curiosity.

Personality: Sham's a very curious girl, she asks a bunch of questions but tries not to be too annoying. She's sweet and caring and she loves animals. She's not one to want to harm someone unless its absolutely necessary. It takes an awful lot to get her worked up and angry and when she has a fit she tends to get real quiet before she lashes out or explodes. Other wise she is all smiles and happy most of the time. She's there to help out a friend in need and would rather see them happy and cheerful instead of sad and upset. A shoulder to cry on and a close friend, very trust worthy.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: (If it's over the top for having powers the this can be disregarded)
Sham has the ability to heal anything and everything. Most of the time it is used on a wounded animal, but if her friend is in need then she will not hesitate to heal them as well
She also taught herself a bit of magic, nothing over the top and most of the time it back fires.
She's horrible in a fist fight however, considering her background she was protected and harbored most of her life, self defense was never needed. Her height however can come in handy to make her quick on her feet, but she can grow tired and will lose if outnumbered by a lot.

History: Sham's a runaway, she's out on her own. She used to be a princess for a small village, but she ran after she was to be wed to a very arrogant man who was much too old for her. He was only in it for the fame and the right to be able to run a village to his pleasing. She retreated one night and will never return. She hides her real identity and never wants to be known as a princess, she hated her life as a princess, she just wants to be normal. Still she knows next to nothing about the real world and what lies in it.

When she left the village she retreated into a rather dark and scary forest. She did not do so well after that, but she was determined to get away before they found out that she had left. They would not care about her leaving anyways, her parents were snobs and never cared about her. They had wanted a son and were very disappointed to find she was not. With the knowledge that she would never be loved by them she had made up her mind to leave. The maids had treated her well and she bid them goodbye before she left, but she hoped to never return to the place for as long as she shall live.

Likes: Animals especially cats, the color purple, sweet foods like cookies, cheering someone up, cute things, reading a good book
Dislikes: Slimy reptiles, scary things, the dark, spicy foods, not being able to help someone

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Cinderelaa on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:33 am

Fun fun

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Post  Stryfer on Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:19 pm

Well Here goes nothing.

Name: Stryfer ("Family's" last name Chrnoa [Kuronoah])
Aliases: Stry, Stryfe, Hatter, Abbadon,
Gender: Male

Stry is a fairly tall young adult (about 6 feet). He has Medium length grey hair and dark Azure eyes. Stry's main outfit consists of a blood red, sleeveless leather jacket, Black sleeves with chains and Black boots. On his outer belt sits his twin swords. Do to his rather edgy way of dressing, he attracts rather unwanted attention from others.

Personality: Stry is a cold person that has issues trusting others due to everyone close to him either dying or trying to kill him. Underneath his cold personality is someone always reaching for someone to ease his burden, though he'd rather die than admit it. He has an unnatural calmness about him in most situations, but is prone to outburst of frustration.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Stry has a affinity for darkness, and can manipulate it in various forms, mostly in blasts and upgrading his sword. He also possesses an accelerated healing ability and as such is able to repair most fatal and non-fatal wounds. Stry is a close combat specialist and is calm and level-headed on the battlefield. Stry has a very strong weakness to Holy and Light energy, as well as a weakness to poison (while not fatal, his healing ability stuns his whole body in effort to purge it). Stry's main weapons are two swords: The Vow of Sin and Revolution.
Lastly, when Stry is mortally wounded beyond the capabilities of his healing and still in danger, something awakens.......

History: The "son" of an aristocratic family involved in a cult of Abbadon (the fallen angel of destruction), an unborn child was implanted with the essence of the Fallen One. Born looking nothing like his "family" the boy was ostracized and abused by them, being looked upon as a symbol of status, a weapon and nothing more. When he was seven, the Chrnoa house was destroyed and every member of the family was brutally slaughtered. The boy was found unconcious miles from the town by a nun.
Growing up at the Orphanage, the boy experienced more joy than he'd ever felt. He had Family, he'd even found love. But at 15, a new priest was appointed over the orphanage in shady circumstances and the boy's life takes a horrible turn. His love would go missing, and the nun implored him to find her. The only mother figure he'd ever known was killed before he reached the church. After confronting the priest, the boy was shocked to see his love brainwashed into becoming the next host for the cult's agenda. When he tried to talk sense into the girl, he was met with her dagger to his chest. Distraught, the boy went berserk and turned the church into a bloodbath, killing even the girl he had loved. The "priest" had subdued the boy, and also took time to explain how the boy had killed the boy in very intricate detail. Broken, the boy was taken to the Headquarters of the Cult while the only home he ever really had burned to a crisp, his family inside.
Horrible experiments were done to the boy at the Cult HQ, testing his sanity, as well as his body. 3 years passed by, and thanks to a miracle, someone had picked the lock to his cell, the boy fled the HQ, and began wandering. Having withstood such horrors, he had forgotten any previous name he'd once had. His only memory remaining, a conversation with The Sister on how Strife precludes true happiness.

Likes: His silver pendant, the chains on his arms, solitude, spicy and sour foods, the full moon.
Dislikes: Holy items and buildings, octopi, ranged weaponry, hospitals, losing people he cares about (may put him into a berserk frenzy)

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Beast in the Brush Feral Hellion: Thyia

Post  ShoFoSho on Mon Nov 19, 2012 8:44 pm

Times were troubling for the villagers of Desmonia, the town of darkness and despair. Unusual and obscure deaths that left innocent persons appalled and confused—sudden, devastating plagues that seem to wipe out dozens in only weeks; what seemed to be endless starvation and struggle for food: These were all the troubles of tiny town of Desmonia. A man could not walk outside of his home to piss in the backhouse without worry of being slaughtered by terrible, violent beasts. Times were especially horrible during a sudden day of the year, where a crimson moon rose into the sky and covered the sun, leaving the air red, hot and aloft. Men and beasts alike became mad and wild during this annual, strange phenomenon. Dark tales of sorcery and witchcraft told a prophecy of ‘a dark one who would be born at such a black and red bane’. The people of the dark grounds waited and anticipated every eclipse for this event to occur. Any slight sign of “evil” must have been eliminated. Although this tale was only of simple lore, the folk of Desmonia knew no bounds to strife or pain. They waited and waited, unsure—in fear. Whether this tale be true or not, one thing for sure, anyone born on this day of ‘black and red bane’ would suffer a terrible, terrible fate.

Thyia, a child of misfortune was born on the day of a Crimson Eclipse. On the very day of her birth, Thyia was deemed as a hexed and cursed child. Thyia emerged from the womb, feet first—almost killing her mother in such the sudden breach. The child hit the floor and not a single holler escaped the infant’s mouth. Villagers immediately attempted to separate the baby from her mother. Madelynn, of course, followed her motherly instincts and she refused to give her up. The unsure, yet proud mother gazed into her little devil’s big, bold red eyes. They mocked the apocalyptic moon that shined dimly in the sky that night. Looking past these peculiarities, Madelynn smiled and cried tears of joy—for even though her child was seen as a bad omen, it was a miracle of life nonetheless.
Seven years of suffering passed. Thyia grew through these years in Desmonia, struggling through the darkness as much as her fellow villagers. However, Thyia saw things at a different point of view. She had her own purposes and plans that defied the tradition of the villagers. They lived a life of fear and humbleness, while Thyia had bigger ambitions. Being treated differently from her peers, Thyia resorted to mischief. She often got into all sorts of trouble. She was shunned upon and punished more harshly than the other children. Her mother tried her best to defend the poor girl, but things always turned for the worst. Everyone was against Thyia’s very existence. It was a miracle that she had been allowed to live in the village for so long. One day the demon child got into a fight with another small girl. In the ruckus of the brawl, she bit the child’s hand. The two, after being found fighting, were immediately separated. The little girl was scolded by her mother and Thyia by her respective. After the heat of the event had simmered down, everything seemed back to normal. However a misfortunate fate was brewing. The little girl died immediately the day after. A fatal wound had been growing while the girl slept the previous night. This was the same bite wound she received from Thyia. The sore festered into a big, gory hole that took away almost all of the little girl’s hand. It was festering and hot to the touch—like a fresh burn. Naturally, afterwards the villagers shouted “CURSED, DEMON, ABOMINATION” and all kinds of denaturing and dehumanizing titles. This was exactly the kind of thing the finger pointers were waiting for. After hearing upon the retched news, the village council called for the Thyia to be removed from her mother’s possession immediately. After so, she would be thrown into the Pit. The Pit was a place, deep in the Dark Wood; A gigantic hole in the middle of the forest, that seemed to bottomless; The portal to Hell. During the day of Thyia’s execution, Madelynn fought with all her might. She was held back and helpless to saving her child. She watched as her little girl struggled—confused and distraught to what was going on around her. Avoiding Thyia’s deadly mouth, they picked the small child up at once and effortlessly tossed her into the pit. Her mother burst into a fit of tears and pure rage.
A hundred years later, legend holds: If you walk to the location of the Pit on the same day of Thyia’s birth, you can still hear her chilling shrills as she falls to her horrible fate. People of curious matter have wandered into these cursed woods by displacement, and some have even gone forth and sought this legendary space. However those who dared step into those woods never came to be seen again. On the same day they are gone missing, from the edge of the forest, bone chilling cries from an unknown creature can be heard in the distance.
Appearance: As a child, Thyia was small, with a rather large head. She was born with hair as pure and white as the moon itself, and red orb-shaped, glassy eyes that represent the blood-stained moon during the Crimson Eclipse. They contrast against her chocolate skin. Although being a demon she still exhibits a child-like demeanor and has features some may call “cute”. Her second most defining feature was her protruding teeth, all very sharp…as if she has nothing but a mouth full of canines. In her present form—a century later—Thyia has aged only into an extent. She is very old, of course, but due to her superhuman metabolism her body does not age past the appearance of a young adult. In her developing, she has grown more calices and protruding body parts. Two very distinct horns have sprouted up through her skull. One is a bit larger than the other. Her hands have grown out into two very large claws that skin her prey to shread with one swipe. These deadly weapons are called Leviathan. Her spine has grown out into a long, skeletal tail. She has the capacity to form sentences and can talk, but rarely does. She takes her victim’s clothes and sometimes attempts to assemble outfits. Her favorite one to wear is a black tank top. This is matched with small black shorts that allow her tail to come through. She wears a distinctive white choker with red studs around it--An artifact of faint memories from long ago...
Abilities: Having nowhere else to go, or that she knows, Thyia lives out in the forest waiting for her next meal to stumble by. Thyia rarely comes to the ground accept for when she is attacking her prey/target. Her tail, although twice her size, helps her move freely through the dark canopy. Seeing her targets before they even sense her, she swings from branch to branch, outrunning them before they can escape. Once she’s caught them, she sinks her red-hot fangs into them, devouring not only their physical bodies, but their very souls. Thyia has many names. Sometimes called the Beast of the Brood, or Beast of the Bush…Or her most popular name Feral Hellion. The most feared feature about her, are her firey fangs. Being as hot as molten and being able to breakdown and melt through anything she bites, her jaws are known by some as the “Gates of Hell”. People of her time knew her as she is; people of the current time have rarely even seen her all at once. And many of those who even caught a glimpse never lived to tell the tale.
Likes/Dislikes: Even though Thyia is a natural-born killer, it does not mean she is a mindless one. Even with being protective of her territory, the dark wood, Thyia rarely kills if not hungry….in saying so; it does take a lot to satisfy her… Thyia, although feral, still does have past memories of her life as a child. She likes shiny things, the moon in particular. She especially loved the moon on her birthday. Red is her favorite color...representing passion, bloodshed, and angst, reminds her of her mother. Being soft on the inside, Thyia is only the way she is because she had no choice. She wishes deep inside past her demonic nature, to be understood and loved. However, she, in her mind, is forever viewed as an abomination, and can never hope to turn her life around.

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Lucianoflight on Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:38 pm

Name: Lucian Pilferer

Aliases: Luc, luke (There was no need for last names in the thieves guild)

Gender: Male

Appearance: A slightly muscular brown skinned guy with wild messy jet black hair and dark brown eyes.

Personality: Predominantly lazy and indecisive. He can be outgoing when he finds something or someone interesting. His indecisiveness and a prejudice trust of others usually gets him led around.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Years and years of laziness have made him able to slow his breath almost to a stop, while still keeping himself alive. This ability lets him be very stealthy when needed. Other than that, he is a normal human. Although able to use swords, daggers and his fists well.

History: Growing up in the slums of Aven, the only way to survive was to become a thief. As a young man his reputation got him invited into the thieves guild's new member try outs. The only way to get in was to be the last man standing in an arena full of other thief guild hopefuls. Hiding in the corner until all the others had fallen, he emerged victorious easily! Through the years He worked his way up the ranks ,until he became one of the thieves responsible for guarding the king of thieves. One day, the king told the guild they would stage a raid on a Zumi merchant caravan said to be carrying an ancient relic. News that the merchants were also escorting families to golden city in the caravan reached Luc's ears. Lucian told the king, and pleaded that they not raid the caravan. He knew well of the guild's leave no witnesses rule. He asked that they try to steal the artifact once it reached the mayors house instead. The king gave the o.k, and sent him on a mission to get reinforcements from allies stationed in the highlands. He returned to find the main base in Aven deserted. Fearing the worst, he rushed to the place the ambush was originally going to take place. The corpses of men, women and children littered the ground. His allies we're carrying everything with them, even the clothes of the poor families migrating to golden city looking for a better life. He confronted the king.

" Ha!" He laughed as an angry Lucian approached him, "The chance was too good to pass up luc. Once the caravan entered the city it was as good as gone."

"Wasn't that the reason for sending me to get the reinforcements!?!" shouted Luc, "So no innocent blood would be spilt!"

"You're too soft luc. Too weak. I only kept you around this long because I needed someone trustworthy. You see the way they look at me? They are all after my neck. I don't need them anymore however, I've gotten what I've been searching for all these years."

"Fight me!"

"Pardon me?" A smile creeped onto the kings face.

"Fight me!" Lucian screamed, "The thieves guild, you've turned us into a group of murderers! You are not fit to lead us anymore. Fight me for the right to be king!"

The duel was to take place in witchcraft forest. No one else from the thieves guild was allowed to enter, It eliminated interferences. The king and luc would enter the forest and only one would return.

Likes: Spicy food, Sleeping, Laying around, and being lazy.
Dislikes: Getting hurt (would rather fake a death and get away unscathed than fight head on) and getting called luci (great way to get him to fight seriously)

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Lansyne on Tue Nov 20, 2012 2:03 pm

Name: Lan
Gender: Male

Appearance:, (more will be added)

Personality: Incredibly curious - this is probably his major weakness. If anything interesting catches his attention then he'll spend as much time as he can getting as much entertainment from it as he can. He hates dogs and anything wet, such as streams or lakes, as well as the rain. (more to come)

Abilities: Cat demon
Skills: able to turn into a cat, see in the dark. Able to smell those with hostile intent or if someone is lying.
Weapons: His weapons are a pair of daggers and the staff he carries.

History: TBA

Other: n/a

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Post  Matchi on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:03 pm

Illusionist/Magic User (fire preference)

Red hed, with bright blue eyes. Short, even for a halfkin.

Alignment: Neutral (Evil)

Race: Halfkin

Family: Mother, Brother

Abilities: Hypnosis

Weapons: none

Likes: Pie, Money

Dislikes: Annoying people, Seafood

History: Match grew up as a poor child who lives in the slums with her mother and brother. As she grew older, she became more and more obsessed with money. The day she turned 16 her mother told her that her father was a zumi, and part of the zumi mafia. Leaving her mother and brother behind, she went off to find the zumi mafia’s headquarters. When she found them, she spoke to their leader and he allowed her to be a part of the mafia. She worked with them for a few years and in that time, she met the ursun hookers. She became friends with them, and then soon after she ruled them, gaining money from them and their work. Of course she hadn't forgotten about her family back home, so she sent money to them periodically. After some time, the zumi mafia ordered her to stop sending money back home, and give it all to them. This pissed her off.

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Post  Cinderelaa on Fri Nov 23, 2012 5:58 pm

( More will be added When ever the time comes)

Name : Cinderelaa

Nicknames : Cindy

Gender : Girl


Appearance: A slim young girl that is adverage height and still growing. She has long chocolate colored hair that goes down to her elbows while around her face it angles off. She has bangs but prefers to pull them back or to the side instead of having them in front. She has soft sea blue eyes.

Personality: Cindy has a shy personality when she is new with strangers, but after a while of knowing someone well enough she will be a new person. She tries to be part of the group and hates going alone. She loves the call for adventure and she wouldnt hesitate if she should go or not, although. She does make stupid choices from here to there. She can get frustrated easily though if something is working, and doesnt like the pressure if others depend on her.

Abilities: Magic ~ Lightning and a little bit off fire, She is in training though and only house to skills mastered. Dimensional Jump and Lightning web are the only ones she knows by heart. She has done other skills but sometimes has troubles pulling them off. She also has a awful power that she doesnt like to use unless last it has to. She has power to take away oxygen from the air around anyone for a certain amount of time. It is deadly, yes but she cant multitask when she uses it and It makes her an easy target so she has to be careful

Weakness ~ Up close fighting, Ice Magic

History~ She had a normal life till she was about 5 years old. That is when she actually was able to peform her first move which was the Dimensional jump. After that she wanted to learn more about these skills so for a couple of years she would look through books. She never did understand why she could do these " magic" tricks but she was able to learn different moves and spells. She struggled to learn some of the spells but was only able to master 2. She decided she would be fine without knowing all of them and stopped her studying. Even though she doesnt study anymore, she still has the books in her room. Just in case if something happens

Likes ~ Loves the color pink and outfits. Also loves to eat, Summer

Dislikes ~ Winter, Bugs and reptiles

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Post  MoonLitMagic on Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:03 pm

Name: MoonLitMagic, Moon

Gender: female

Specialty: Shaman

Alighnment: neutral
About me: i cant handle fighting. i am very skittish/scared, jumpy, and very emotional. i am told i often look helpless . i have been abused in my past which has made me where i am and i cant stand people being hurt or mad, because other peoples emotions affect my own. i am often found reading up on my study's on the art of healing, being outside with animals, or being with Rico. i am always trying to help people and make them feel better, which cause people to think that i am leading them on, and then Rico has to intertwine. i am also an Empath. knows plant medicine.

Appereances: i am short and small in stature with short silver hair, half of it put into two little buns, with ice blue eyes that change colors with my emotions. i am often found wearing a silver crown, a Popsicle, bunny backpack and a butterfly dress with glasses and carry around a glaive in memory of lost loved ones of whose death i have been unable to prevent.

Pic for what i look like:
and naked:

Likes: help ease suffering of loved ones, nature, reading, aquatic animals. her two pendents.

Dislikes: watching people get hurt, people fighting, being called Moony, feeling left out or a bothersome, feeling unloved

History: Moon has always been abused and mistreated while she lived at home. she was the only shaman in a long line of regular humans with no specialty. how she came about this, she has no idea. she has always been able to feel others emotions and make them feel better. but it was the death of a loved one that triggered everything in her. she started to read and look into the art of healing on her own. but because of it, her family started to abuse her. finally she could take it no more and decided to run away, to find people who would accept her and love her and not leave her like everyone else. she grew weary, lost in a forest and slowly she could move no more, untill she stumbled upon a small secluded area that has been withered away. she brought back to life, a small area of grass and plants, so that she may rest in a safe place. she passed out in that small place and slept for days, unable to wake herself, until one day a demon cat stumbled upon her...

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  LunaHanaNoir on Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:27 am

Luna Hana Noir

Sex: Female..... ( I have to remember that sometimes )

Other names she is know by: Lumie, Flowers, Noir, and my favorite Satan

Job: Medical Engi...... ( that a healer and a engi....... what i just love my guns)

Pets: Auron ( that my cat ) , Waka ( that is my dog ), Limey ( that is my alpaca ) and Arga ( that is another play in the game)

Appearance: tiny, even for a halfkin, with white hair and blue with chocolate skin. For a halfkin she bless with "asset" but she feeling it more like a curse, with she cute child like face, she will try to con her way out of any problem she end up falling into.

Alignment: for herself and her family

Race: Halfkin

Family: Mother - Santa, Father - Drazz, Sisters - Yuka and Blind, Brothers - Tsuchii and Nano, Mate - Auron, Lovers - Naga, Rei, and Tsuchii ( will add more when other agree to be part of it....... and not that not a typo..... the lovers are more like people in game that the quest with all the time and know how i play....... sad thing is they can play for me and your would not know that i was not playing.... T-T i just scared myself with that thought..... )

Abilities: cyber up and song of life

Weapons: Guns and Basses

Likes: Pie, cookies, candy, food, and cute stuff

Dislikes: Annoying people and Idiots

History: -Coming soon-

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Whitebird on Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:34 pm

Name: Erian
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Eri is a lanky teenager with really long legs, he has black hair and aqua green eyes; His skin is very pale, as he has a preference for dark places, or swampy zones. His outfit consists of a sleeveless tunic and a pair of short shorts (he has a great dislike for wearing pants) and his trusty steel-toed boots. He wears some belts with strapped bags holding supplies, and he likes wearing a scarf, he feels like it’s just right to wear one. He also has a long tongue.

Personality: Erian is carefree and easygoing; he would rather take the easy path than the hard and legal way; He seems to be individualistic at most times, but he does care about others, especially those he has befriended, others who he deems as his family, and any anuran brethren out there; More often than not he seems to forget that he’s a human; and he is rather absent-minded.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Slippery as a Frog, Eri uses Daggers to backstab and slash at his enemies; however, he quickly switches to his main weapons, his legs, which are abnormally strong due to being trained by Anuran, he can jump great distances and run faster than most (Nothing supernatural though); He’s very skilled with lockpicking; and although his stealth skills lack a lot, he’s fairly decent at stealing from others, specially boots.

History: Wealthy lords from Limestone Mountain, Erian’s Parents had all the money they would ever wish to spend on buying shrooms; however, the normal shrooms they acquires just didn’t cut it anymore for them, thus following the rumors about a Giant Mushroom living in a cave at the outskirts of Limestone, they set on a quest to find it.

They Find Mori Mori, and after eating him, they get the most massive trip of their lives, making them believe they are ambassadors from Eyebloom Plain. And so, they embark on an epic quest, which takes them 12 years, Once they reached Eyebloom, one of their Zumi friends recognizes them and asks how’ve they been, and questions them about the whereabouts of their Son.

“Son? What Son?” And then, they remember it all.
Eri, getting concerned about the disappearance of his parents, starts asking the villagers if they’ve seen them around, but the villagers just told him to scram “Your parents must be out there in one of their usual trips, laughing at the grass Near Oracle Athena’s”; so he went in there in hopes that maybe she knew anything about their location.
Once he reached his destination, He immediately asked her if she knew anything, to what she offhandedly responded that they went on a trip of Political Proportions, and that if he wanted to see them again, he must head over to Eyebloom.

Determined to meet once again with his family, he sets foot on his journey; however, being so young, he didn’t think it thoroughly, and his small amount of supplies quickly diminished, he kept going forward, until he could walk no more, exhausted and malnourished, the last thing he saw was a pair of frogs coming his way, and then everything turned black.

The Anuran, intrigued by such a small child walking alone and promptly fainting, went to check if he was alright, inspecting him closer they noticed in which state he truly was; taking pity on him, they pick him up and bring him back to their Headquarters.

Time passes by and the young kid grows up amongst the feared Dark Marsh Gang in Rainbowfall Forest, but for him, they were like a new family, they taught him the way of life of Anuran and Torturra alike, and he had never felt more in home than with them.

However, one night while thinking about of how he ended up in this place, he remembered his real parents, and felt a weird longing he’d never experienced before.

Coming almost of age, and being quite capable of defending himself, he talks to his caretakers about how we wished to find his parents once more, and ask them why they left him in the first place, his adoptive parents understand, besides, it would be a great way to expand his horizons and visit new lands.

Erian got his belongings ready, and with a heavy heart, he bided a farewell to his friends and family, and leaves the forest he calls home…

Likes: Anuran Cuisine (Insects), Boots, The Night, Taking Risks
Dislikes: Being Bossed Around, Getting Sunburned, Deserts, Screwing up

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MicroMagus's character: Magus

Post  MicroMagus on Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:47 pm

Character Name: Magus the Storm Summoner

Age: Unknown

Whoever Pays the Most

Job: Mercenary

: Magus is one of the few survivors of the Creos clan. This tribe was a group of humans that existed long ago, back in Eden's genesis. The Creos were the first to stumble across Magic, and through careful study and concentration perfected the arts and brought it into normal practices within the world. As magic began to infuse into these humans, those within the Creos tribe began to develop independent manifestations of Magic (I.E special abilities) and slowly through the progression of time, their tribe lost the ability to age at a normal rate. The Creos are commonly mistaken as immortals.

As the tribe grew stronger and stronger in power, many Creosites became power hungry and war broke out among the clan. Those with a strong lust for power, became known as the Dark Creos and were exiled out of the ancient civilization and condemned to roam Eden without the ability to return to their home.

Magus was born into a family of Dark Creos desiring to turn a new leaf in their life, and leave the evil ways of gaining power by slaughtering others behind. Deep in the Creos culture, there is a legend about a child born with an abnormal mark that sets him apart from the rest of the clan. This child is destined, as legend states, to destroy the entire clan in order to once again restore balance to the plane of magic in Eden, that the Dark Creos had once corrupted. Born with blue hair, ghostly white skin, and deep abnormally orange eyes, Magus's family believed HIM to be the cursed child. Magus's mother protested his exile and thanks to her, Magus was able to stay with his family until the age of 5, when his unique Creos ability manifested. The family quickly realized that if Magus looked into the eyes of anyone he could channel the darkness in their heart (be it guilt, lust, hate, or anything "bad") into life stealing energy. While most people would just experience intense pain with this gaze, if the person was bad enough, one look from Magus could kill them instantly. Such was the case, with Magus's Uncle. After seeing the death of his younger brother, Magus's father disowned his 5 year old son, smacked him in the face, and ordered him to leave at once. Magus's mother protested this action, and his father killed her in return. The act of slaying the boy's mother unlocked Magus's magic potential which was powerful enough to wipe out his entire family in a Fusion Reaction Fire Storm, which as many know is a very high level spell. Magus's father mysteriously escaped the Inferno.

After realizing he had killed his entire family, Magus hated himself and the man who had brought him into the world. Magus began his journey at 5 to become the most powerful Magician Mercenary (the Storm Summoner as common folk called him) and traveled the land searching for his father with the intent to kill the man who took Magus's mother away from him. The magician also developed a deep hatred for his own kind and on many occasions has met a fellow Creos and killed him or her.

On calm rainy nights when Magus stares into the Moon and feels it's beam Shine down on him, he can hear a soft sound from his mother, weeping for the cursed life he has chosen to live. From the great beyond Magus's mother hopes that somewhere, somehow, someone will be able to save her baby from this draconian destiny.

Appearance: Short blue hair, pasty white skin. Dark Orange eyes that can pierce the heart with fear. He wears all black (gloves, tunic, pants, boots,) and a crimson red hooded cape. Magus also typically shrouds his face with his hood due to his ability to instil fear and pain to others when they look into his eyes. He is of medium height and has a very calm and collected voice that often does not portray his true emotions. Magus has spent many years working on his calm persona due to the explosive nature of his powers based on any strong emotion.

Personality: Since the root of Creos magic comes from their emotions, it is very important for Magus to keep his composure otherwise powerful magic storms may occur which would result in the death of many. Storm is often quiet and sullen and often has nothing to say but brutally honest and often pessimistic comments. While very well educated through his journeys as a mercenary in worldly things such as magic, war, and culture...many human emotions confuse Magus. He understands anger, rage, pain, and sadness, but emotions such as excitement, joy, and especially love completely baffle the Mage. Often when he meets those who exhibit these qualities the mage studies them diligently trying to understand why they appear so happy.

Weapons: Magus has upgraded his typical Magician Staff to a Scythe and uses it to not only cast spells but to slaughter any enemies that dare to come close to him. The magician also has a natural talent for alchemy and through many years of reading and experimenting has become an expert at alchemy and can make many potions...some very poisonous, and others are very helpful.

Abilities: Magus, being among the Dark Creos tribe is born with the ability to be more gifted in magic. He often utilizes his abilities as a Magician, but is an expert Illusionist and Warlock as well. While briefly experimenting in his younger days as a Cleric and Shaman, Magus has sworn off any healing spells and refuses to ever use that White Magic. Even among the Creos, Magus is abnormally powerful, so much so that his own family exiled him for fear that he would exterminate them. (Ironically, as a 5 year old...he did.) Magus's innate Creos power is to transfer the darkness within a person into life stealing energy that if powerful enough, can kill an individual with one gaze. When Magus gazes upon a foe, he steals their life energy and it makes his magic more powerful.

Likes: The Moon (as it reminds him of his mother), Silence, Alchemy, Learning, and interacting with those with pure hearts. (if you don't die or get badly injured from Magus's gaze, you instantly have his respect.)

Dislikes: The Creos, Weak people in battle, His Father, Child Abuse, and Cats.

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  AuronWarcrest on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:21 am

Auron Warcresst

Sex: Ummmm .. Checks undies ... MALE!!! Very Happy
Other names she is know by: Auron ... Stg Fail

Job: Shaman of Illusions ... (Illusionist and Shaman Very Happy .. What I like to help the party! Very Happy)

Pets: Luna (My Kitty!) .. Fluffy (Alpaca)

Appearance: Little! Black Hair and Butler Suit .. ready to serve his Mate and Party when ever needed.

Race: Halfkin

Family: Mate: Luna ... Seems like I was an orphan because I dont know any family.

Abilities: Mind Surge and Drops of Heaven

Weapons: Staves and Hammers

Likes: Cookies and Chocolate and Cake! Tea as well! Very Happy

Dislikes: Annoying people and Idiots and Liars

History: Auron is believed to be an orphan, never knowing any of his family he was raised by the Alpaca's of the Highlands. He learned his Illusionist magic from the Alpaca King and vowed to protect the Alpaca's with all his might. It was on one fateful dungeon run that he met his mate. He saw her, the first halfkin. She was the same. After proving his worth and showing her all the Alpaca's he has protected she agree'd to be his mate. Together they conqeur dungeons to release the Captured Alpaca and to prove that their guild is the best in the land Very Happy.
Wishing to prove that he is able to adapt he set out and found the great Shaman of the Black Peak and trained relentlessly in the ways of the Shaman and perfected his Drops of Heaven technique to protect the ones he loves even more Very Happy

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Kanu on Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:03 am

I shall be adding more and tweaking stuff as I go.

Name: Kanu Xighonsviel (za-hon-sph-veel)

Aliases: Kanu, Short stuff. Sassy.

Gender: Female

Race: Half breed. (Human X Halfkin)

Appearance: (soon to come)

Personality: A quiet well kept person yet she has her moments when she can be rather out going and random. Can be stubborn and bold.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Magic user. Favors Ice base magic but is capable of other spells. A magic staff that normally takes the shape of a Naginata. Dude to her being a half breed, she i capable of adjusting her size. She can take the form of a normal human or a Halfkin. When her energy level is low or she is ill, her body resorts to her half form to regain energy.

History: (in progress)

Likes: Eating, warm weather, new places and fluffy things

Dislikes: over-sized egos, being treated like a child. being called a mutt and over prissy people. "OMG its just mud. Go wash it off and shut the hell up."

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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Archdemon on Sun Mar 17, 2013 7:53 am

Name:  Archdemon

Gender:  Male

Race:  Ursun

Likes:  Nature, and Fishing

Dislikes:  Bear Trap

Story:  Archdemon was born in Ursun Paw Mountains during a solar eclipse, which caused his fur to turn pink.  He was shunned by the Ursun elders, and disowned by his parents.  Abandonned in the forests of Rainbow Fall ...

Relationship:  Single in-game.  Mokina (human pet)  ran away after she found out Archdemon killed her parents.


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Re: The Bio Thread.

Post  Sakura_san on Sat Jul 20, 2013 5:29 pm

Name: Sakura Shizuka
Aliases: Sakura, Silent Blossoms, Icy, Siren's Song
Gender: Female

Race: Halfkin

Job: Theif, Blade Dancer, Bard

Appearance: Small girl with long brown hair with bangs and green eyes.

Personality: Very quiet and sneaky, but very caring. Also pretty antisocial until they make friends with her.

Abilities/Skills/Weapons: Daggers, Swords, Guitar, Really fast and can use Ice magic.

History: Sakura was born into a very poor family with very little food and money. She had four brothers and three sister. Her mother and father were happy jolly people and the family was well despite the fact they had no money. Sakura was the youngest and the happiest. She was only six years old. One day however, a gang of men in black knocked on her door. Sakura opened the door and was hit on the head, falling unconscious. The men were there to kill her and her family for they owed them a debt. Leaving the youngest for last, the men killed the family members one by one, oldest to youngest. by the time Sakura awakened, her family was dead. The men went for Sakura as Sakura picked up two daggers out of her father's secret box. She screamed. Sakura was always a fast runner but she sprinted by the men slicing their chests. All of the men were injured instantly but the girl

Likes: spicy food, green tea, animals, shiny items
Dislikes: rusted items

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The Leap of the Lion

Post  DeLeon on Sat Jul 20, 2013 8:42 pm

Name: Pounce DeLeon

Aliases: "Al Nath" back in his Romanda days.

Gender: Male

Background Story: DeLeon was once an Official from a long lost group called "The Romanda". Romanda was responsible for keeping an anomaly known as VidaNexus away from Toroto Kingdom. During years he fought this plague, protecting villagers from various diseases, and eventual death.
When DeLeon completed his 8th birthday under the Academy, Huyana, a beautiful Toroto General under Neondo's command, send a request to Romandas to investigate a surge of VidaNexus deep inside a cavern, in Blackflame Peak. Together, they traveled to the center of the cave, just to discover that the VidaNexus, which DeLeon fought all those years, were in fact the victims of a supreme evil force: the Mara Cult.
Huyana's courage always impressed DeLeon, and for the first time in his life, he created bonds with someone outside Romanda.
DeLeon and Huyana decided to free the last remaining VidaNexus, and to put an end to Mara Cult's plot: they wanted to use an unknown totem to taint Neondo's mind, and take over Century Fortress. They boarded the VidaNexus essence into a zepellin, and send it towards Century. But, midair, they were attacked by the Wretched Sky Pirates, hired by the Mara Cult, coming directly from Skyreach Jungle. In a kamikaze maneuver, Huyana pointed the zepellin to Century's entrance, while DeLeon fought the pirates in their deck.
DeLeon fell from the zepellin, knowing that Huyana would complete her journey, into Century Fortress, taking with her the last remaining VidaNexus, but the wretched priests of Mara Cult had their spell already finished. Looking up at an explosion, and realizing that everything he held dear was lost, DeLeon walked down the mountain, and promised himself never entrust to anybody his own fate.

Personality: After the incident, DeLeon became isolated and individualist. He doesn't trust to anybody else the destiny of his arrows. A silent person, he usually remains quiet in his own agendas.

Abilities: Proficient with bow & arrow, DeLeon received the standard Romanda training with ranged weapons. But if the fight comes to close range, his swords are always ready.

Likes: Exploring unknown places.

Dislikes: The Mara Cult, above everything, and the corruption in Toroto Kingdom.

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Post  MidnightAurora on Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:52 pm

So I've had this just kinda sitting and chillin' on my desktop for a while. I've decided to pick back up with it. A bit of a long intro (I suck at "cliffnotes"), sooooo here it goes ^^;

Name: Midnight Aurora

Aliases: “Midnight”, “Mid”, “Aurora”

Gender: Female

Appearance: A short, curvy woman; Large, sapphire-blue eyes; short, silvery hair that glistens in the moonlight. She wears a black and red corset, embellished with rusted chains and a frilly black skirt. She always carries her hand-carved bows and arrows along with a tiny knife and a dagger for maintaining her ammunition.  

Personality:  Quiet, obedient, and tends to be easily-frightened/jumpy; Kind-natured, yet spiteful from her time of enslavement.

Abilities/Weapons/Skills:  Resourceful; Not only an eagle-eye assassin, but also a keen bowyer & fletcher. She uses tones and sounds around her to manipulate the outcome of her endeavors.

Alliances: Protex, a half-demon doctor assigned to Aurora’s progress-case. Kavist, a Russian Blue cat. Eclip, a drunken pirate (later becomes Midnight’s lover).



“Daddy, I’m scared!”

“Shh…Be still, Aurora. Everything will be okay,” the 10-year-old’s father whispered to his child, handing her his prized bow and arrows; the ones she made for him for his birthday just earlier that year. Aurora knew that something was wrong. She could hear the panic in his voice.

“Listen to the silence. You’ll learn everything you need to know. We love you, beautiful.” He gently kissed her on the forehead before pushing the young girl underneath a floorboard and pressing it quietly shut. Just as soon as he concealed Aurora, she heard the door crash open.

“(What do these half-demons want with mommy and daddy?)” She peered up at her father and mother, only to be suddenly blinded by a bright, purple light.

When the light finally died down she saw both of her parents crumple to the floor. Aurora let out a gasp, and then quickly clasped her hands over her mouth.

“Search the room!” commanded a raspy, deep voice.

“Yes, Master Scion!” The minions scattered about the house, combing the area for treasures and for any sign of life. Aurora held her breath as the minions paced back and forth just over top of her. Sweat trickled down her forehead. Without warning, one of the minions pressed his face to the floor and inhaled deeply.

”Someone’s under here,” one of the minions said, tugging at the wooden floorboard. The other minions pulled at the floorboard and eventually opened it up, revealing the terrified child. The next thing Aurora knew, she was lifted up and dragged before their leader.

“Please, don’t kill me!” she shrieked hysterically as she thrashed around, trying to break free of the minions’ grasps. Scion looked up and down the young child’s body and licked his lips, as though he could taste the fear that pulsated through her veins. His eyes locked onto a broken pendant the young child was wearing.

“Where did you get that?!” he barked.

“M-My mommy and daddy got it for me. Please don’t hurt me!” the scared child pleaded.

Suddenly, the necklace started to glow a deep, yet bright blue. Scion lifted an arm to shield his eyes from the immense light. After the light diffused, he looked into the little girl’s sapphire-blue eyes and smirked.

“Perhaps you can be of use to Lord Tor…” He closed his eyes and started to chant “Haec animo alligandi tantibus mihi anima tua in æternum. Haec animo alligandi tantibus mihi anima tua in æternum. Haec animo alligandi tantibus mihi anima tua in æternum. ” A purple hand shot out from the leader’s chest and pierced through Aurora’s forehead. She let out a blood-curdling scream as the sudden flood of horror entered her mind.

Gradually, the hand receded from her head, and, overwhelmed, she fell limp to the curse he embedded within her memories. With that, the band of half-demons restrained Aurora and carried her from her once peaceful home on the shores of Tranquil Hill. be continued

A/N: "Haec animo alligandi tantibus mihi anima tua in æternum." roughly translates to "May this nightmare bind your soul to me; your life for all eternity.”

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Re: The Bio Thread.

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